Monday, June 22, 2009


6 flats of strawberries, U-pick: $70 and 4 hours
3 flats of strawberries from the farm stand: $60 and 10 minutes

New lids, freezer containers and freezer bags: $20
Processing strawberries: An entire weekend
Cleaning the kitchen top to bottom: 1 hour

Saturday night take-out pizza (because the kitchen was full of strawberries): $35
Ice cream for the children after an afternoon of picking strawberries: $9.50

Afternoons of conversation with dear friends, time for the children to play with friends in the strawberry fields, good exercise and spending time out of doors. And freezer and pantry full of a year's supply of sweet local strawberries dried, frozen and made into jam: Priceless.

Life is good.

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Andy and Katie said...

Life IS good, Cat...and sweet, if there are lots o strawberries in it! :) YUM YUM YUM.