Friday, March 26, 2010


Me: "I know you miss your sister. But eventually you're all going to grow up and move away and live in another house, and it will be just me and Dad."

Middle Gent: "But Mom! I want to live with you. Can I marry you? Why can't I marry you?"

Me: "Well, honey, I'm already married. Daddy might be upset if I decide to marry someone else. Besides, moms can't marry their kids."

Gent: "But I want to live with you. Do I have to grow up and marry a girl?" (As though he's thinking of marrying a toad or a slug, mind you.)

His Older Brother chimes in: (exasperated sigh) "I have to get married because I can't be a Family Man if I don't have a wife."

Seriously, little dudes, it's not going to be that hard to grow up. But I suppose the idea of adulthood is a bit daunting yet, especially the idea of a wife and no Mom.

Middle gent finally decided that it might be all right to marry a girl if he still lives next door to me. Lovely. I hope my future daughter-in-law and I get along.