Monday, September 15, 2008


School. Home. Sick kids. Two involved volunteer positions. Choir and piano and girls group and swim lessons and gymnastics. Teenagers. The cats and the dog. Friend time and family time.

I'm not whining.

I am not fussing or fighting or feeling sorry for myself.

But I do have a question: What do you do when you have so much to do--when your life is so blessedly full--that it's a little (or a lot) overwhelming?


Irie said...

sounds like you need a quiet relaxing weekend at mom's house!! :)

Mom2Morgan.Dylan said...

Tack a picture up of vacation and remember the good times. ;o) Hang in there luv.

Laura said...

Me? I run around like crazy until one day I realize what I'm doing, and I stop and take even just one hour and I do something that makes me feel temporarily guilty like read a frivolous book or sit and watch a dumb tv show or listen to music or drive my car nowhere. It's hard to relax at first, but once I do, I am much better at hopping back on the rat race treadmill for awhile longer. :)

Valerie Willman said...

I give up something. (Some committment or expectation I had.) And realize that I don't need to prove myself, that I and my situation and my family are perfect the way they are. Then I put the kids to bed early, watch a romantic comedy wrapped in a quilt while eating salty popcorn and CHOCOLATE.

living in PA said...

First, I have to make sure that when I am starting to feel overwhelmed I write everything down in my calendar. I write everything down these days. When I start getting too busy, my natural defense mechanism kicks in and I forget to do stuff I'm supposed to do...often. Even fun stuff.

Then, I try to slow down.

I cut out a trip to somewhere (Target, grocery store, whatever), I let the laundry pile up for a day or two, I go to a friend's house (instead of having a friend over here - that way I don't have to clean up before...or after).

I take time to smell the roses and just walk with my kids, while holding their hands if they'll let me.

Glad you cut out one of your volunteer positions and glad that someone was glad to fill in for the gaping hole I'm sure you left. Don't feel guilty, though. We are all human and can only do so much. :-)