Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tuesday Ten: Ten Things I Should Be Doing Instead

I shouldn't be doing this. I should be elsewhere, I really should.

Someone call me up and tell me to get to work. Call me right now. Unless it's three in the morning, then don't call, go to bed.

By the time you read this post, I won't still be writing it anyway, right? But chances are, that when you read this I'm procrastinating about something, so you might as well call me anyway. It probably won't do any good, but it's worth giving me a jingle just in case.

Because there are at least Ten Things I Should Be Doing Right Now Instead of Blogging. Like....

1. Laundry. Yeah. Big shocker, huh? There's always laundry. The last few days have been insanely crazily busy, so laundry procrastination and just plain not being home have met one another and mated or something, resulting in The Abominable Mount Laundryman. It's a little scary going down to the basement. I think I heard it growling at me this morning.

If only I could convince my family to run around naked. Or wear the same outfit for a week or a month or so.

2. Cleaning something. I don't know what, but I'm sure I could find something.

Which, now that I think of it, is why I'm here. If I start looking around, next thing you know I'll be scrubbing the bathroom floor or something, and who wants to do that?

(I can just hear all you neatniks cringing. Don't take me too seriously. I have three little boys, one of whom is still learning to aim and another who likes to hold conversations or look out the window while he's standing at the toilet. I scrub the bathroom floor almost daily.)

3. Bible study homework. I've got Bible study questions to read and ponder. Verses to look up. A new chapter to read, except I haven't even purchased the book yet. Maybe I should get on that, since Bible study is in two days.

4. Cleaning up the dog crate. The chicks lived there for several weeks. It was cleaned regularly, but now that the chicks are in their cushy new home I need to hose down the dog crate and get it ready for Poppy's return.

5. Sleeping.

6. Reading. I've got three photography books on my to-be-read stack, and Child of Wonder, which we got, autographed no less, from Ginger herself when we saw her at our Friday field trip to the Cascade Raptor Center, which I still need to write about because it was a fabulous experience. I started Child of Wonder right away, but it's been floating around the fine young gents' bedroom because their pictures are in the book. They think it's way cool to be in a real book. I should rescue it from the end of youngest gent's bed.

7. Eating cheesecake. Not really. I should not be eating cheesecake. But I wish I was eating cheesecake.

8. Voting. I got my ballot in the mail today. I should be reading the voters' pamphlet and marking my ballot. It's not due for a few days, though, and I can always drop it off in the drop-box next to the library on the very last day if I forget to stamp it and mail it. Which I will.

Can I go off on a little tangent here? (Oh sure. Quit rolling your eyes. I can practically hear you thinking to yourself, "Now she asks. And why? It's not like I can stop her." Just hush and read.) I love Oregon's vote-by-mail. Love, love, love. I can vote in my pajamas. I can holler across the room, "Hey, honey, what do you think about this one?" and engage in stimulating political discussion while I vote. I can eat cheesecake while I vote.

Well, I could if I had cheesecake.

Which I don't.

9. Petting the cat.

I didn't write that. I swear. I walked away from the keyboard and when I came back there was a number nine on the list. There's not even another person in the room....except...the cat....

10. Having a real-life conversation with my real-life loving husband who loves me so much that he spent several hours in the driveway building a chicken coop. Plus, when he read over my shoulder, he left for the bakery to get me a piece of cheesecake.

Gotta go.

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