Monday, May 05, 2008

Home, Sweet Home

Loving husband really loves me. I know this not because he brings me flowers and gives me expensive jewelry, but because he's willing to invest a sizeable chunk of his leisure time in building a house for a bunch of birds about whom he really couldn't care less.

Ok, I guess he could care a little less. I mean, he appreciates fresh eggs. But if our chickens dropped off the face of the earth tomorrow he'd be sad for, say, ten minutes and then he'd be over it.

Even though he's not really a "chicken guy," he built me a chicken ark. Now that's true love.

It has nest boxes and an egg door.

The bottom opens so that we can let the chicks out into the yard if we so desire. Or not.
It has a side door for cleaning.

The chicks are no longer in the dog crate in the basement, which was fine when they were cute and fluffy. But not so much now that they look like real birds. I'll bet they're complaining about the cold right now.
"Um, Mom? When do we get to come back inside?"

(Chicken coop plans here.)


living in PA said...

Wow! That's a cool coop! Hmmm...I wonder if we could make one with the plans.
Where are your bigger chickens? Are they in a coop also?

Cathy said...

I'll bet you could make one. You'll have to improvise a little, as dh said there were parts of the plan that he wasn't able to read easily.

The bigger chickens are in their rickety falling-apart coop until the babies get a little bigger, then they'll all share the new coop.

living in PA said...

I checked out the plans and I agree with him. I think we could do something probably wouldn't look as wonderful as yours, though.

Very cool.

I need my country house so I can get some chickens!

I had a day dream the other day that you got a place with a bunch of land and we just put an airstream on your property and lived there. We schooled the kids together and farmed all day. It was nice. Then I had to concentrate on the road again.