Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chalkboard Project

We used to have an entire wall of mirrors in the basement playroom. Apparently one of the previous families living in this house had a dancer in the family. Enter our three active boys with their wagon, balls, swords and the like, and we ended up with a wall that's two-thirds mirror and one-third boring plywood sheet.

Lovely lady, 14, made this chalkboard mural for her brothers.The castle on the hill is a part of the mural; the knight and dragon are a chalk drawing. The fine young gents discovered it this afternoon, so now the knight is galloping through a field of flowers and letters of the alphabet, and the dragon has been defeated by a princess holding a sword and shield.

Look like a fun project? We got the idea from a Family Fun magazine chalkboard mural project. Follow the link for a list of supplies and directions.


Julie R said...

Cat...she is an amazing artist! That is just awesome!!!!!

Mom2Morgan.Dylan said...

Ooooh! I love it! Fight away oh brave knights! ~Dawn

karisma said...

Most Excellent! Lovely Lady is entirely talented in the chalk department! I tip my hat to you darling!

Elizabeth said...

That's neat Cat! She did a great job :)