Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blue, Blue, my world is blue....

...and red and white too.

Shameless bragging. If you can't stand that stuff, skip this post.

Lovely young artist, 14, entered three pieces of art in the Youth Art division at the Lane County Fair.

First place, Watercolor, ages 12-15. A nature-day watercolor painting of our favorite poohsticks bridge, the Amphitheater Bridge at Alton Baker Park. (A couple photos of her working on this painting in this post.)

First place, Acrylics and oils, ages 12-15. And a $25.oo Jorub Transport Award cash prize, first place in the Fine Art division. She decided she didn't like any of the paintings that she'd done well enough to enter them, so she sat down and painted this one in about an hour-and-a-half the day before we filled out the entry forms.

First place. Masks, ages 12-15.

Her lovely young sister took second place.

The fine young gents entered their masks as well. (Read about our mask study and project here and here.) They received a red ribbon (four-year-old gent) and a white ribbon (six-year-old gent), but I didn't get pictures because the ladies and gents were all anxious to scoot out of the art hall to go on the carnival rides. I suspect that the gents were marked down a little because their masks were so elaborate-- the other competitors had randomly glued sequins and feathers on mask-shaped paper. If that's the case, it's fine. I'm not complaining. I absolutely believe that children's art should be created by the children and not by their parents. If I didn't know that my kids spent several days making their masks as a school project, I'd think they looked a little too good to be true too. But who knows? Admittedly I'm biased because I love what my kids made.

The most exciting part for all of the kids was getting to see their art displayed in public. For about ten minutes. Then they were over it and ready to go whirl their little brains out on the rides. Life is good.


Sara said...

Congrats to them both!

karisma said...

Congratulations to all the kiddies. They are really a creative bunch. I also agree that the talent must come from the kids not the parents after all how would they ever learn and nurture their talents if you do it for them? As my babes have progressed from decorating my walls to quite talented artists I cannot help but be a proud mama also. Creating is ever good for the soul.

Rebel said...

Hi, I found your blog from the WTM boards. Love the artwork!