Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday Ten: Ten Things I Will Never EVER Own

1. A Minivan.
Minivans are so domestic. So Mom-ish. So I've-given-up-any-chance-of-being-cool.

Oh. Wait a minute. That was my pre-five-kids list. I love my minivan now. It's roomy, our whole family can fit, and I can fold the back seat down when I need to put something big back there.

1. (For Real) A Hummer C'mon. Really. Do you need one of these to drive around town?

That's it. I got nothin' tonight. I've been thinking all day, "What could I really and truly say I'll never own?" Maybe pumps with six-inch heels. I'd break a leg, plus who wants to spend that much money on shoes when I could buy books instead? And I'm sure they'd look smashing with my capri overalls from Old Navy. But I'm just too darn uninspired by my own list idea and still too sore from sleeping on a gym floor without my pillow to finish writing my list.

Oh well. I'm looking forward to reading your lists though, those of you who write them.

Next week's theme: Books
You choose. It doesn't matter what you write about as long as it's related to books. Need ideas? Here you go: Ten favorites, Ten books you hate, Ten books you'd like to read, Ten books you'll never read, Ten books on your shelf waiting to be read, Ten books you couldn't finish, Ten books you've read in the last year, Ten books my child loves that make me feel like screamingwhen I have to read them one.more.time.


Doc said...

Here's the deal with the hummer: No, you don't need it, unless you want the towing capacity of a suburban or other large GM framed large power train vehicle, with a little classier outside. That hummer is built on the same frame/engine as my chev silverado crew cab dually 1 ton - and I need that to pull my livestock trailer - but nobody ever says "I would never own a pickup". My truck probably gets worse gas milage than that hummer. So, you might need it, you never know. Maybe all those hummer owners have trailers.

Julie R said...

OH Cat!!!!! That is so funny...I was *this* close to saying a Hummer. I would giggle everytime I said "I have a hummer" and I would croak at the gas costs...not to mention, I'm pretty sure I couldn't drive the thing w/out plowing someone over. Oh and don't get me started on getting myself up IN one. Add to that someone who once said to me like it was some 'holier than thou' thing.."OH he drives a HUMMER'...yep, I have Hummer hatred here, too...but, I think the El Camino wins out in my heart for cars I wouldn't want to drive! lol!