Monday, April 30, 2007

Tuesday Ten: Life is Good

Ten Things I Love About My Life

1. I married the right guy. And we've built a lovely, active, challenging blended family.

2. I am not bored. Exhausted, yes. Grumpy, sometimes. Busy, always. Completely overwhelmed to the point of babbling and frothing at the mouth, on occasion. But I am never. ever. bored.

3. My house. This house is perfect for our family. Basement playroom, separate office for loving husband, sewing room, second master for the gents to share, wood floors, huge yard with trees just the right size and spacing between to swing a sky-blue hammock. I wish I could dig this house up, yard and all, and move it into the country.

4. We have a puppy.

5. And chickens.

Did I mention that I'm never, ever bored?

6. We have lots of bookshelves. And on those bookshelves, lots and lots of books.

7. Homeschooling. I know it's not for everyone. But it's been such a great match for our family. We get to share the wonders of this world with one another. Today we looked at tiny tiny caterpillars and butterfly eggs under the microscope. Under the microscope the eggs look like tiny blue jewels, like beads you'd string together to make a fairy necklace.

8. Marvelous friends, old and new. I went out for ice cream with two of my oldest and dearest friends last night. I was tired, I had a monster headache, but I went anyway, and it was lovely. I've made some new friends, too, in that sudden and unexpected way that friendships develop.

9. The garden. I love having a garden space and kids who like to garden with me. I'm certainly not a devoted gardener with a perfect garden and yard, I just like to plant things and watch them grow.

10. Every once in a while I get cheesecake. Life is fantastic.

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nina said...

Never being bored is one of the great joys of motherhood and homeschooling. I love your lists. It is so good to count your blessing.

BTW-the One Good Apple book looks interesting. I just bookmarked it to order from the library.