Monday, April 30, 2007

More Poppy Love

Isn't she adorable? Poppy's getting big and losing her puppy face. Most of the time she's got great manners. She's smart, attentive, affectionate, and playful. With strangers, though, she gets a bit hyper and anxious, so watch out-- if you come over make sure not to stand to near when she greets you, or you'll get puppy piddle on your shoes. If we can keep bringing out that lovely calm sweet-natured girl, we're going to have the best dog in the world. The times when she's not the best dog in the world, well, hopefully with training and patience she'll grow out of it. She's enrolled in puppy class, and once she warmed up she enjoyed meeting the other puppies and their people, especially since the people gave her treats.

The gents adore Poppy, even after she nips them too hard. They beg me for treats to give her when she's behaving herself. "Dood dog, Puppy," says two-year-old gent as he gives her a puppy tweat, er, treat. She loves to run in the yard with the little guys, and I love it too. By bedtime I've got a tired puppy and tired gents. Life is good.


Julie R said...

AW!!! She is getting big!!! Hope puppy school helps!! I'm sure everyone there will fall in love with her, too. She's so precious.

Maufi said...

She is too cute Cat. Love her face.


living in PA said...

She is so adorable. Even John made an "awww" face when he saw her and not many puppies do that to him. :-)