Sunday, March 11, 2007

Random Notes: In Which I Make a Phone Call and Other Thoughts

In Which I Make a Phone Call

Loving husband, in the afternoon: "I'm going to call my good friend."--Looks up the number--picks up the phone--makes the call--talks--hangs up.

Me, the same afternoon: "I'm going to call my dear friend."--Look up dear friend's number--Pick up the phone...oh wait, it isn't where it belongs--look for the phone--ask the lovely ladies if they've seen the phone, or the other phone, or the other phone--they solemnly swear that they haven't--indulge in a moment of nostalgia for the days when the phones were attached to the wall--forget about the phone altogether for about 20 minutes--put away laundry--while putting away laundry, retrieve one phone from under a lovely lady's bed and the other from the ladies' bathroom counter (the third phone will be missing for 3-4 more days)--go into the kitchen to look up dear friend's number--answer a math question--everyone's free, so teach a group geography lesson--look up dear friend's number--get a glass of milk for one of the gents--get a glass of milk for another gent--look up dear friend's number--get a glass of milk for another gent--tell lovely lady that she is old enough to pour her own milk--where's the phone?--Well, shoot....

Later: Start to make dinner--find a phone in the fridge next to the milk--"Oh, yeah. I was going to call dear friend."--look up dear friend's number--sniff the air and wrinkle nose--change youngest gent's fragrant diaper--write dear friend's number on my hand so that I don't forget again--start dialing--ask the gents to stop fighting--try to mediate--send them to their beds--try to remember what I'm doing--rats, lovely lady is talking to her best friend on the phone--keep making dinner--run out the door because I lost track of time and now I'm late to pick up the other lovely lady--return just in time for dinner, which loving husband has been so kind as to finish preparing--help fine young gent finish setting the table--eat.

Later still: Put the gents pajamas on--pick up phone to call dear friend--go into the bathroom and lock door so that I can hear--"Mooooooo-ooo-oooom! I need to go potty!!!"--"Use the other bathroom, sweetie."--I can't, my brother's in there!"--"Go upstairs."--"Mom, I'm scared to go upstairs!"--sigh--unlock the door--While waiting for gent to finish in the bathroom, look at the clock--Oh my goodness, is it that time already?--read the gents the shortest story possible--tuck them in--tuck them in again--sit with them and sing until they fall asleep.

By this time it's past early-to-bed dear friend's bedtime. Rats. I sit in the recliner, fold laundry and think kind thoughts about dear friend instead.

My dears, I am thinking of you even when I don't call.

Sound familiar? Sounds a lot like what happens when I take a shower. Read the shower post here.

In Which Lovely Lady is Lovely
As expected, younger lovely lady has charmed her worn-out mother. I guess I won't send her to Australia after all. We went to her lovely cousin's gymnastics meet last night. Lovely lady was bored. She was a little rude about it, but she didn't yell, stomp, growl, or tantrum. She didn't even complain a lot. Progress is progress. She was pretty snuggly. I've missed just snuggling with my girl. And she sat still almost the entire time. For a kid who's typically in constant motion that's a pretty big deal. We were able to stay long enough to watch lovely cousin compete in all four events, and when it was over she said that it was fun.

Today she was chipper, perky and sweet most of the day. She and her lovely sister sang in their spring concert. It was fun to watch both of them doing something that they love.

In Which I Lose My Head Entirely

I don't have enough to do, apparently. So I volunteered to fix all of the choir bows for lovely lady's choir. "Sure, I can do that!" I chirped. Why, why, why? I don't need to sleep or eat, do I?

In Which We Welcome Spring and I am a Good Sport

This afternoon, loving husband and I just sat on the deck and watched the boys play. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! The sunshine was marvelous. Just the ticket to soothe my heart and raise my spirits. The gents invited us to golf with them and I said yes. Even when loving husband came back from the garage with a real golf club for me so that I didn't have to use the little plastic ones.I'm married to a golf fanatic. Apparently it's hereditary because all of the gents could golf almost as soon as they could walk. They were riveted by golf on television long before they showed the slightest interest in Tom & Jerry. They love Tiger Woods. Have I ever mentioned that I haven't the slightest interest in golf? Well, in case you missed it, I have no interest in golf whatsoever. But I golfed anyway to make my guys happy.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be beautiful. Both lovely ladies are gone with their other parents, so the fine young gents and I are jettisoning the whole school thing entirely and getting started on the garden. We've planned weeding, a field trip to the garden store, and a trip to the park. I expect there will be golf as well as gardening. Maybe I can convince loving husband to duck out for an hour at his lunchtime to take the gents to the driving range. That way I don't have to golf too.

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