Thursday, August 17, 2006

Does this sound familiar?

(Recycling a message board post about my life.)

My loving husband: "I'm going to take a shower"--goes upstairs--takes a shower--brushes his teeth--comes back downstairs.

ME: "I'm going to take a shower"--get the paper and open the blinds on the way through the living room--notice baby is awake and take him to loving husband in the kitchen--put away the milk that's been left out on the counter--go into the boys' room and set out clean clothes on the boys' beds-- notice their hamper is full, set the hamper at the top of the basement stairs-- go back in the kitchen to tell loving husband that their clothes are out in case he has time to dress them--notice the laundry hamper and take it down to the basement--start a load of laundry--poke my head into the boys' room to ask loving husband to get their teeth brushed too--tell him where the toothpaste is--show him where the toothpaste is--help a fine young gent put on his underwear because he's stuck--go upstairs-- while looking for clean clothes to wear, put away a basket of clean laundry I folded and brought upstairs last night--set a hamper of dirty clothes next to the door--go into the bathroom-- change all the towels for fresh--fix a fine young gent's Lego car and give it back to him--get in the shower-- tell the other young gent to go ask Daddy for some juice because I haven't got any in the shower--look down at the little hand poking through the shower curtain holding the Lego car and sigh--fix the Lego car and get out of the shower to lock the bathroom door--finish my shower--brush my teeth, dry my hair, do all the girlie stuff like lotion--pick up the dirty towels off the bathroom floor and toss them in the hamper by the door--pick up all of the toys that migrated into the bedroom the night before and toss them into the empty laundry basket to be taken downstairs--lug the toys and laundry down the stairs--fix the #$^#$@ Lego car again--and take baby from loving husband because finally, ta-da! I am done with my shower.

I feel like a Family Circus cartoon.

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Josie said...

I truly love you girl and so enjoy reading your blog.... thank you for being you