Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What We're Reading: The Yellow Umbrella

The Yellow Umbrella is a book/CD combination. The book has no text; instead, the piano tells the story as you page through the book. Beautiful paintings of umbrellas on the way across town to school accompany a piano composition playing the story of the walk down the streets, across the playground, around the fountain, waiting for the train. The music fades when it's time to turn the page. The CD continues once you've reached the last page of the book, with an umbrella song in Korean (translation on the last page), followed by the piano composition in full. We've been known to pop the CD into the player on a rainy day. The music is light and lovely.

We brought The Yellow Umbrella home from the library so many times that we finally bought it so that other folks would have a chance to check it out too. Fine young gent, five, wanted to learn to play piano, in part because of this book. It made a great gift for the fine young gent's and lovely lady's music teachers last spring.


Anonymous said...

Great reveiw. I don't know how I missed this one but I am going to order it from the library. Like your blog and it's name


christinemm said...

This book was originally published in South Korea. It is a great book. This publisher is excellent, they republish books in America, books that first appeared in native languages in other countries. The publisher has a great website, check out their other titles. Lucky me, I was asked by the publisher to review some of their books, I already owned a bunch they published, so was already a fan.

Great review!