Tuesday, September 26, 2006

If I had a dollar for every time I've said "Close the door!"....

I'd hire a driver.

Monday: Nature day at the arboretum with a group of like-minded homeschool moms. Lovely lady, eleven, has Oregon Children's Choir but her dad takes her.

Tuesday: Fine young gent, kinder-- PE at the school down the street. I volunteer in the library. Lovely lady, thirteen-- Oregon Children's Choir; Lovely lady, eleven-- tutoring.

Wednesday: Fine young gents, 3 and 1-- Gymnastics; Lovely young lady, thirteen, and possibly her lovely cousin (also thirteen)-- volunteer at the Humane Society every other week. (I tried to get out of this one, but LL13 really loves the cats.); Lovely lady, eleven-- tutoring.

Thursday: Lovely lady, eleven-- piano lesson which is also a play date for fine young gent, 3, with piano teacher's daughter . This doesn't really count because her teacher is willing to teach at our house, but we still have to have everything picked up and be ready to play. Lovely lady, eleven, girls social group for girls with autism. Lovely lady, thirteen-- art class.

Friday: Fine young gent, kinder-- piano lesson.

At least I don't have to take the kids to soccer.

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