Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Sling

I cleaned out my hallway storage chest today. It's a quick seasonal job, doesn't take long.

I ran across my baby sling. I really need to move the darn thing, because I run across it twice a year, and I always think the same thing: "I should give this away to a new mom, someone who really needs it."

Except then, as I hold it in my hands, I am flooded with this:

Babies. I miss the way they smell and the way they sound and the way they smile. I miss walking with baby cuddled close to my body, snug and warm. I miss shopping with a baby slung to my chest and little ones holding my hands. I miss round heads and little fingers. Chubby knees, fat feet, tiny ears. Soft bellies, big watchful eyes, round cheeks.

I miss my babies. When I wasn't paying attention, they grew long legs and cheekbones and big boy voices. Why do they have to go and do that?

I cried a little and put the sling back in the chest. That little piece of fabric is still carrying my babies.


Andy and Katie said... I'm guessing that means that one is never really "over" the missing the baby stage? That's sweet, Cat!

Mom2Morgan.Dylan said...

How beautiful, and now I have that miss my little rasberry blowing baby feeling too. Sigh.