Monday, February 16, 2009

Pink Eggs

Valentine's Day Breakfast Menu:

Pink heart-shaped pancakes
Strawberry-blueberry puree
Strawberry whipped cream
Strawberry scrambled eggs

The eggs were supposed to be pink. We have eggs for breakfast almost every day, and I wanted them to be special for our Valentine's Day breakfast, so I decided to try strawberry eggs. I set aside some strawberry juice from the last of the strawberries we picked last summer. I scrambled the eggs with just a little sugar. Then I realized I'd need the strawberry juice for the pink whipped cream, so I decided to use the strawberry-blueberry puree to flavor the eggs.

Strawberries are red.
Blueberries are blue.
Farm-raised eggs are orangey-yellow.

Anyone who's done the most basic study of the color wheel knows this one:
What color do you get when you mix Red+Blue+Yellow?

They still tasted good.


Sara said...

what, no picture to go along with this post? Left to my imagination, I imagine they looked pretty bad!

Irie said...

That gives new meaning to "fresh brown eggs" :)

Brenda said...

Brown or gray?

Cathy said...

Hmmm...kind of a brownish gray.

I didn't say anything at the table, but brownish-gray scrambled eggs with red strawberry chunks and vomit....kind of a resemblance there.