Saturday, February 21, 2009

Photo Challenge

I've been tagged by Valerie (whom I have the pleasure of having met in real life) at Insane Parents Unite! Open your pictures folder. Open your sixth folder of pictures, choose the sixth picture and write something about it. Then tag six blogs. (Here's Valerie's sixth photo.)

And here's mine:

It's Levi, mixing paint in a dish. We made prints on paper. This picture is even in the linked post. Not very exciting.

So I counted six folders from the bottom, to last year's folder, then took the sixth photo from the sixth folder of 2008:

Snow in the back yard trees. In this rainy, fairly temperate climate, waking up to snow is like waking up to find that it's Christmas, except snow is a surprise. The whole neighborhood looks like a new place, and everything here shuts down so it's quiet and still. I wrote a post about this snow, and the above picture is in that post. Hmm. Looks like you're not getting a new picture today after all. But it's still lovely to revisit that day.

Now I have to tag six people. This is a simple one, ladies, so please play with me!
Cristy at Just Me
Megan at Irie's Fascinating Life
Nina at Painted Rainbows
Dawn at Follow Me
Elizabeth at News from the Desert (Or East Coast or some other state!)
Laura at Two Pilots and a Princess
And you!


Mom2Morgan.Dylan said...

Challenge Accepted!!! :o) Thanks Cat!

Laura said...

I just saw I was tagged! I'm late, but it's going up now. :)