Thursday, December 11, 2008

Think!: Paper Hats

Think! challenge, Thanksgiving week: Using only three sheets of newspaper, and masking tape, create a hat.

On Thanksgiving Day, I set aside newspaper and tape, thinking that the fine young gents and even the lovely ladies, along with their eight Busy Farm cousins, might enjoy a challenge. Alas, the children disappeared down the stairs to the basement and weren't much seen or heard from until the turkey was served.

Last week, the fine young gents and I finally made hats.
Tolly decorated his hat with masking tape designs.

He was presented with quite a dilemma: How to hold his hat and tape it at the same time, when Mom is saying, "I can't help you right now. How will you solve that problem?" The solution? Ask his brother for help:
I couldn't help because I was trying to make a hat brim, and paper flowers, neither successfully. Levi loved the hat, however, and wore it off and on for the rest of the afternoon.

Cal spent a frustrating fifteen minutes trying to make something, not sure what. He crumpled the paper in disgust, calmed himself down, and started over. I was quite strict about the directions, which stated only masking tape and paper, so he put his scissors away and tore out shapes for decorations (which you can't see well in the picture, bummer) to tape all the way around his hat. Here he is with the final product:

The shape reminds us both of the hats that Grandpa Dick brought back from Morocco.

His newspaper hat is a treasured possession, still hanging on his bedpost.

We're hoping to get back into the swing of Think!ing after the holidays. For now, we'll have to squeeze our Think!ing between making cookies, gingerbread houses, decorating, singing and enjoying this season of lights and music.

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Stephanie said...

What fabulous hats!
I love this idea!!
We'll definitely being doing this one soon!