Saturday, November 01, 2008

Where's Luigi?

We had a perfect Halloween.

Thursday, we carved pumpkins. We don't have the coolest pumpkins on the block, but I still like ours best. I gave each of the fine young gents a Sharpie marker and a pumpkin, and loving husband cut out the faces they drew. I love their little pumpkin faces. Lovely lady the younger declined to participate, but lovely lady the elder freehanded the phenomenal dragon pumpkin. I burned the pumpkin seeds, so no pumpkins seeds this year until I make our Thanksgiving pies. Our eldest lovely lady put the finishing touches on her handmade wolf mask, also phenomenal.

Halloween night. The lovely ladies were out, one to a Halloween birthday party and the other trick-or-treating with friends in the neighborhood across town where they give out big candy bars. The fine young gents trick-or-treated the neighborhood. People would look at them, puzzled, for a moment, then laugh and ask "Where's Luigi?" Then we came home to eat candy and watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Their lovely sister came home with a smile and a huge bag of candy to share.

Life is good.

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