Monday, October 13, 2008

Tuesday Ten: Pocketses

Busy moms have to tidy quickly. Sometimes to get from one lesson to another, or to get from one place to another without stopping to fret about where things go, things end up in our pockets. (Now here's what is in my head..."What has it got in its pocketses?" Name that tale.) I just got home from a school-lunch-more school-choir-swim lessons-library-choir meeting kind of a day and had a chance to empty my pockets.

Ten Things I Found in My Pocket at the End of a Very Long Day, or What Has It Got in Its Pocketses?

One red Hot Wheels convertible.

Two crayons, one red and one white.

Three pattern blocks, the long pointy kind. That felt good when I sat down at the choir meeting. Yeah.

Four buttons, black, possible eyes for our forest animal masks.

Five Golden Rings.
(Just kidding.)

Six Legos, a red square, three tiny lights, a round one and a Lego wheel that's been chewed on by the dog.

Seven numbers, a scrap of paper with a phone number that I needed to call but didn't because I forgot that I'd put the number in my pocket.

Eight coins, a quarter, four pennies, two dimes and a nickel.

Nine...I got nothin'. I don't have nine of anything. In all honesty, some of these other numbers didn't work out quite that neatly either. I had one dime, not two, and only three pennies. I really did have three pointy pattern blocks, though.

And Ten leaf crumbles, more or less. Why do I put leaves in my pocket?

I also had an acorn and my library card.

(humming) In the fourth hour of schoo-ool, my darlings gave to me.....

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