Thursday, October 30, 2008

Think!: Apples

This week's Think! challenge, Apples Again: Sculpt an apple into a person, place or thing using only your teeth and four toothpicks. (Though you may notice in the photo above that some of the gents used far more than four toothpicks. Apparently poking toothpicks into apples is quite entertaining. Who knew?)

Kindergarten gent carved a star into his apple.

Second-grade gent made a snowman.

This guy happily poked lots of toothpicks into his apple and called it a thing. A "sing." Darn, he's cute. What kind of thing? "I don't know. Just a sing." It's not so much what he says as the way he says it. He's just a little hoot.

I played too:

The fun didn't stop there. We've still got a huge bowl of apples in the kitchen and even more in the garage.

This fine young gent made a guy smiling. What's that on his head? Hair. One hair because he ran out of toothpicks.
Second-grade gent's second creation:

Another guy smiling? Nope, this is an alien. Now kindergarten gent's smiling guy is really an alien too because he likes that idea better.

We ended up with a snowman, two aliens (or an alien and a smiling guy with one hair), a cat, a bitten star, a carved star, a toothpick star, and two "sings". And, eventually, a giant bowl of apples slices on the table for a snack. Not bad for a morning's work.


Think! said...

Great job everyone! Hope to see you again on Think!

Mom2Morgan.Dylan said...

If you are energetic, you can put them on the apple peeling gizmo and peel all of them into a giant bowl. Add sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg and freeze in gallon baggies. Voila - pull the baggie out of the freezer, defrost, toss in some flour and instant ready to bake apple pie! I have 2 giant stuffed baggies in my freezer!

Lorna said...

Fantastic creations! (from some fellow 'thinkers')