Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rainy Day Garden Project

Rainy Day Garden Signs

We planted more seeds in our garden last week. The weather was beautiful. The sunshine and warm days left us eager for more, but alas, this week it rained. It was cold and wet and nasty, and suddenly our planned nature outing with our sketchbooks into the garden wasn't quite so appealing.

So we painted.

And wrote names the names of our garden treasures: Peas and carrots and salad and spinach and lemon balm. Raspberries and nasturtiums and four o'clocks.

Then the fine young gents got to hammer. Hammering is way cool when you're five and seven.

We spent an entire afternoon making garden signs, and we were so delightfully occupied that we didn't mind the rain a bit. We didn't bother with whether our materials will weather the weather. We just enjoyed our indoor gardening.

This evening we put them in the garden.

See the teeny-tiny spinach leaves??


living in PA said...

Very cool. I love your garden signs.
It is so exciting to see baby spinach (or anything) come up, isn't it?!
I'm watching some peas and our arugula and salad mix come up these days and I love checking on it every morning.

Julie R said...

VERY cute envy ;)