Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Ten: The Lovely Ladies

Tuesday Ten: Ten Things About the Lovely Ladies, or Ten Reasons They Rarely Appear on My Blog

In my little profile blurb, I state that I am mom to two lovely ladies and three fine young gents. The fine young gents get lots of press here at Poohsticks, the lovely ladies not so much, so I'm giving them their moment in the sun. Ten reasons they're not often featured:

1. Choir.
They're busy on Tuesday evenings. The elder of the two lovely ladies rushes in the door on choir afternoons, grabs a snack and her choir notebook, and they're off. No time for pictures, or for anything else.
They had a concert on Sunday. The Oregon Children's Choir Girlchoir, the middle school choir in which the lovely ladies participate, is amazing. Their choir director, Jennifer Searl, has an absolute gift for working with lovely young ladies of this age. My girls are inspired by her, and look forward to choir each Tuesday.

2. They're always doing this....
3. And this....
Reading and drawing are commendable activities, but they don't make for exciting photos. Now, if I could convince them to roll down a grassy hill.....
4. One of the lovely ladies is gone all day. She's attending the high school down the road. She leaves in the morning and isn't back until mid-afternoon. Makes it really hard to take her picture. Plus when she gets home she thinks she should do her homework and chores instead of a photo shoot. Sheesh. You'd think we'd been trying to raise a responsible kid or something.

5. The other doesn't like nature. It's sticky and dirty and there are bugs. I'm not sure she's really my child. She skips many of our nature outings and grumps through the others. And when it comes to school, just the basics, please. This hands-on stuff...not really her bag. And taking pictures of a kid doing math with her headphones on, it's just not that exciting.

6. And along that line.....

"Moooooom! Stop taking my picture!"
(I know. This isn't very nice of me, but I can't help posting it because it's funny.)

7. They are their own people, doing their own thing.
They're growing up. The fine young gents are their own people doing their own thing too, of course. But the girls are often more interested in doing their own things-- talking together, spending time on the computer, going places with friends. They still hang out with us, but it's different. Plus (see above) it's annoying to have someone pointing the camera at you all the time.

8. Their victories and their experiences are their own, and they may not feel comfortable having them shared with other people. Or rather, they want to share them on their own terms, not through my eyes. They read this blog on occasion. I wouldn't ever write anything about them that I wouldn't want them to read, that isn't what I mean. I just mean that their stories are their own, and I don't want to interpret (or misinterpret) their lives for them.

9. They're busy.
I know I mentioned that they've got a lot of activities, but I want an excuse to brag about my kids, so bear with me. One lovely lady is busy getting straight A's in school. She's taking Algebra and Japanese and Geography and Art.

10. The other is busy working on her part in another Bridgeway House production, Wonderland. She's playing the part of the white rabbit. A girl rabbit, mind you.

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living in PA said...

Your young ladies really are lovely and they are truly growing up. I love Maggie's hair (I loved it blue also, though) and Hannah looks like so much more of a young woman every time I see a new picture.
Beautiful girls and I liked reading about what has been going on in their lives.