Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tardy Tuesday Ten

So, yesterday was Tuesday. I wasn't too busy. I fully intended to post a Tuesday Ten. I started three, as a matter of fact, but just couldn't quite get inspired. I needed some catchy ideas and nothing was grabbing me. Maybe I need a "Ten Tuesday Tens" list? By the time I finally started this one it was late.

Ten Tuesday: Ten Ideas for Tuesday Tens

1. Resolutions.
It might be fun to do an update on my ten New Year resolutions. Um, maybe. On second thought, it may be a little embarrassing. What if my update list looks like this: Still need to do that one. That one too. Haven't even started this one. Forgot about this entirely.

2. Ten Things I Like About This Town.
A totally original idea. All mine. Well, it would be, if Alice hadn't thought of it first. I think it's a fun idea, so I'll steal it sometime. Read Alice's list here.

3. How's Your Day Going? Ten Things About How My Day is Going
As long as I'm stealing ideas, I'll steal one from my Irie sis. (Read ten things about a day in her life here.)

4. Truth or Dare.
Ten weird things about me. But I don't know what the dare part might be. But just "Truth" by itself is a little odd.

5. More Pet Peeves.
I think I did a peeve post way back, but I've got so many peeves! Like, people who are always complaining about all sorts of little unimportant gripes really peeve me.

6. Ten Favorite Poohsticks posts.

7. Ten pictures I love.

8. Ten Things I Want to Do When I'm Eighty.
I want to be like that little old lady I always see around the neighborhood. She looks like she's about 100, she's always wearing a scarf over her hair, and she has great running shoes. Up until about two years ago she jogged every day. Now she's slowed to a brisk walk.

9. Blessings.
Can't do too many of those blessings posts. I go back and re-read them periodically. As a matter of fact, when I'm feeling a little glum, down-in-the-dumps, grey and schlumpy I find a post with the tag "This Good Life" at the bottom and read about my wonderful life. It almost always works.


There I go. I'm stumped. Wanna fill in number ten for me?

Thanks. Love ya.


Anonymous said...

How is the wardrobe coming along? Ten items of clothing you love. :)

Irie said...

People with pet peeves is one of my pet peeves too! And intolerance. I just can't stand intolerant people. Gah! :)

Good ideas... for number 10, how about "Ten classes I would take if I had time to take ten classes" ?