Monday, March 31, 2008

New Rule

At the dinner table, you must discuss at least three topics that are either practical, personal, political, philosophical, educational or nonsensical before you can talk ad nauseum about video games.

That is all.


MLight said...

This is one of my difficulties. My older kids are 16 and 20, and my younger son is 9. It's easy to end up in conversations that are about subjects that are way over his head. But often the only thing he wants to talk about, at length, is a new video game he watched a friend play (with no game system and old computer games, our house is video game deprived). I don't want to squash his interests, but the rest of us go glassy-eyed after a while.

living in PA said...

I like this. We have started talking about one thing that was good that day, one thing not so good, and one thing we learned. It has been interesting. John kind of gets boring when he talks about what he learned though...;-)