Sunday, February 03, 2008


"Mom. What would you get if you did googol times black?"

Fine young gent, seven. He asks me questions like this all the time.

Sometimes he even answers them himself. "I know. You'd get the most blackest black." (Pause, thinking.) "Which would be the same as the blackest black there is today."

Me, thinking to expand on his thoughts in an educational sort of way: "Right. Because if black is no color, then it's like zero, and even a googol times zero is still zero."

Fine young gent, in a patient voice: "Right, Mom. That's what I meant."

He's way ahead of me.


Piseco said...

Wow! I love this kind of intuitive reasoning... and creativity. :)

living in PA said...

Oh my...sounds like you have a philosopher on your hands. Good luck. ;-)