Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random Ramblings

In Which We Go for a Nature Hike

In Which We Marvel at Spring

Spring hasn't exactly sprung, but it's springing! The tall trees were still bare and wintery, but the smaller trees below were doing this:
So lovely, seeing bright spots of green dotting the woods. It's hard to believe that a few weeks ago it was all snow and ice and stormy weather. The sun has been shining, the trees are budding and the birds are chorusing. Yesterday I went to call the boys in from a play break, and it was so fine outside that I couldn't bring myself to head back indoors. "Let's stay out here and let spring be our teacher," I said. The fine young gents cheered. I dug up the garden and turned the compost. We tethered the dog and let the chickens out to scratch around the yard. The gents took turns digging up worms and feeding them to the chickens.

In Which We Eat Rice, and Also in Which We Assert That We Haven't Damaged Our Child's Psyche...Too Much, Anyway

We served rice for dinner. Our rice hater said, "Rice! Can I have some? And do we have peas?"

(And a disclaimer related to the linked previous post: We did not laugh at our fine young gent. Not where he could hear us, at least. Nor did we insist that rice pass his lips in any way, shape or form, as we already know the futility of that battle. We did put rice on his plate and refuse to make him a sandwich. Then....we ignored him. Except for the camera.)

In Which The Moon is Eclipsed

We had front row seats to the dinner show. The lunar eclipse rose exactly outside our east-facing dining room window right at dinner time, so we ate dinner in the near-dark and watched the moon. After dinner the moon disappeared behind the neighbor's tall trees, so loving husband and I bundled the kids and walked to the church down the street to watch some more. It was lovely.


Tonia said...

Great post - love the "pooh-ish" titles. We would love some green up here but I'm afraid we won't have any for a few more months!

Anonymous said...

I am SO happy you posted the disclaimer about the rice. I would be APPALLED if you forced a wee one to have a grain of rice pass over his lips. lolol!!!! Another beautiful entry, Cat.

Brenda said...

I wanted to see the moon eclipse, but got tied up at work. Glad to hear that you all enjoyed dinner by eclipse light! I'm so jealous!