Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tuesday Ten: Sometimes it's the little things....

So, initially the list ideas spinning around in my head went along these lines: Ten Things That Really Annoy the Crap Out of Me, or Ten Things I Don't Want to Do Today (Twenty Things?), or Ten Whine whine whine whine whine.....you get the picture. It's January, season of damp and chill and dark grey days and rain rain rain. But then I started thinking about one of my very first posts ever, about blueberry picking. Yeah, my life isn't perfect. No one's is, right? But I really do want to remember the delights in my life and not the whines, the berries and sunshine instead of the spiders and itchy grass.

And then I remembered that I recently resolved to count my blessings. Only a week ago.

Well. Hmmph.

That's enough mental meandering, for me. Sheesh. I just took all the fun out of my own whining. Don't invite me to any grumpy-old-fart parties, or it might spread. Before we know it the whole darn world will be skipping and throwing daisies. Sheesh.

So, anyway, delight. Not Whiz-Bang-WOW! delight. Just those little spots that brighten our days. Maybe you come around the corner and see the kids sharing something, or look out the window to see a perfect spider web.

Tuesday Ten: Ten Little Things That Bring Delight to My Days

1. Getting a package.

Usually the package is for loving husband. But when that brown van pulls up at the curb, there's this moment of excitment: What is it? The real delight is in the anticipation. It's kind of like a mini-Christmas morning.

2. Walking into a room to find a kid curled up with a book.


When seven-year-old gent learned to read, he pestered me to teach him. So I did, despite my conviction that a four-year-old didn't really need reading instruction. The things our kids teach us....

Then he stopped reading with me. Completely. He didn't want anything to do with any activity that related reading and Mom, except bedtime stories.

What did I do wrong?

Nothing, it turns out. Because I kept coming across him curled up in odd spots around the house: On the top of the hallway cupboard, on my bedroom floor, in the corner by his bed....silently mouthing words to himself as he turned the pages. He'd gotten the basics, so he was teaching himself, thank you very much. I'd just keep on going, pretending I didn't notice. Every so often he'd ask, "Mom, what does this word say?" And I'd tell him. "Mmm," he'd say distractedly, and keep reading.

3. And along that line....Teaching a beginning reader.

That little "Aha!"

The little half-smile when they get a new word.

"Look, Mom, that says kitten!!"

Love it.

4. Daffodils.

My mother-in-law brought me fresh bright daffodils.

"Spring is coming!" they tell me.

5. Phone call from a friend.

Thank you, dear friends. You brighten my days.

6. Oh the noise, Noise, NOISE, NOISE!!!

I love those evening when the ladies and gents are laughing and playing. They usually enjoy one another. Lovely. Delightful, even.

And we've got the play room in the basement when I'm done enjoying the ruckus.

7. Puddles.

8. And hot chocolate afterward.

9. Books.

Beginning a brand new book. Re-reading an old favorite. Finishing a book so good that I want to turn right around and start all over at the beginning. Reading together on the couch. Reading a childhood favorite out loud to the ladies and gents and falling in love with it all over again.

10. Following our delights.

As a homeschooler, I read about people who strive for delight-directed learning. And I sigh. I want every moment to be delightful. But then I remember that school is like real life: No matter how delightful our lives, we still have to wash the clothes and make dinner and brush our teeth and pay the bills. We still have to learn math and science and reading and writing.

But then the lightbulb goes on, "Oh! I get it!" says fine young gent about his math page. Or he giggles about the funny story he wrote.

Or I leave the world map out on the table while I make lunch and hear the fine young gents finding all of the places in the world with diamonds or snakes or monkeys.

Or we take a detour when we capture ladybugs in the bathroom and put them in fine young gent's brand spankin' new bug habitat (hopefully a replacement for the yogurt cups with holes punched in the lid....careful if you find one around here, you never know what might be inside). We learn about the ladybug lifecycle, make nature journal entries, and learn a ladybug fact. (Did you know that in 1999, four ladybugs went into space?) We're all happily engaged.

Delighted, in fact.

Aaaaah. That was easy. It put a smile on my face. I'm still tired and it's still gloomy out, but my heart is lighter. I love this life that I've been given. I am blessed beyond measure.

Life is good.


Sara said...

Thank you for the happy list, and the reminder that life is good. I needed that this morning.

Faith said...

I have to agree with everything on your list ... it even makes me want to seriously consider homeschooling! I love coming up on my 7 year old, too, and finding him in various spots reading - watching them come alive as those connections are made is incredible. He does still love reading with me, though, I'm glad we don't have to give that up just yet!