Saturday, January 05, 2008

From my Inbox

Remember those porcelain dolls I swore to post on Freecycle? Then kept putting it off...and putting it off. I mean, what a hassle to send an email to the list then put the dolls out on the porch when someone wants to pick them up. (rolling myself)

This was in my inbox this evening:

What a SURPRISE to get 7 Dolls, I am at a loss for words of Thanks. These are beautiful! I enjoy working on things, so they will be fixed soon. As long as my hands & arms allow. I have Rhumatoid Artheritis, and Fibromyalgia so work with my hands is as beneficial as painful.....keeps me alert.
I have several wigs, also. Your little girl does little damage, it looks like she enjoyed Her Friends company.
Thank you

No, really, thank you. My sappy self is delighted and nearly in tears.

The idea of tossing my daughter's formerly beloved dolls in the trash broke my heart.

Gathering them and placing them in a paper grocery bag: Free

Posting a Freecycle message: Free.

Placing the dolls on the front porch on the designated day: Free.

The idea that Julie and Caroline and Stephanie and the others will have a new life, and new names, and are meant to eventually be loved by another little girl....Priceless.

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