Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bee Tree

Dear friend down the street called. "Come and see what we found! The storm blew the top off a tree! Come and see!"

We spent a lovely fifteen or twenty minutes watching bees. We collected acorns on the way home and were back with time to finish our school day.


Kate in NJ said...

That is really very cool.
I'm so glad you shared.

Elizabeth said...

Eek! At least it was in an old tree instead of in the walls of someone's home. What a neat entomology lesson though!

Faith said...

That's wild. Those pictures are amazing but I still don't know if I could study bees in person - I think it's neat that the kids were interested and not afraid or panicked by them!

living in PA said...

I love the pictures! That is cool.
I like the goldfish math lesson also. We will have to try that as well. The kids are always begging for the colored goldfish and this would give me a good reason to get them.

Sara said...

That is so cool. Nice of them to let you know about it.