Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tuesday Ten: Excuses, excuses....

Ten Excuses for Posting "Tuesday Ten" on Wednesday

1. I forgot.
Alas, I know my lovely lady who reads my blog will say to me, " 'I forgot' isn't an acceptable excuse. The result is just the same whether you forgot or just chose not to do it." Ahem....always lovely to hear your less-flattering self fall out of your child's mouth, eh? Not that she'd really say that, she's too lovely. Maybe she'll be kind and say that she understands, everyone forgets sometimes. Except I do forget to write my Tuesday Ten on a fairly regular basis, which kind of negates the "sometimes" part of "everyone forgets sometimes." Forgetting Tuesday Ten on a regular basis sure feels a lot more like, say, procrastination or willful forgetfulness than just plain ol' forgetting.

2. I forgot it was Tuesday.
Oh for heaven's sake. Look at the calendar. It's right there.

Although, don't you sometimes find yourself wandering around on one day thinking it's another? When a Tuesday gets a distinctly Saturday kind of feel to it, or a Wednesday has that Friday kind of vibe, it's just hard to keep pulling yourself back into the day the calendar shows.

3. I was tired.
Boohoo for me, huh?

4. Laundry.
Well, that's a legitimate excuse. Too bad I wasn't folding laundry yesterday.

5. I didn't feel like writing a post.
"I understand that you didn't want to," my other lovely lady will say to me, "But Mom, sometimes we just have to do things we don't want to do so that we can get them done." Or, let's face it, here comes less-than-flattering self again...she'll say, "Mom. I don't care if you didn't want to. You just have to do it."

6. The dog ate my post.
I swear, this is like the smartest dog in the world. I say something like, "She's calming down when the cats are around," and the next time she sees one of our cats she starts yiping and whining like someone is dangling rare prime rib three inches out of reach. Or "I think she's stopped peeing on new people," and the next visitor ends up standing in a puddle. (What can I say, she's still a puppy. Don't wear new shoes if you come to visit.) I looked over to see her reaction to my dog excuse and she half-opened an eye and gave me a "Yeah right" look. I swear she did. If I had my camera I'd take a picture and show you....except as soon as I typed that she decided to sleep and look all sweet and innocent. Maybe she's psychic.

7. Eating chocolate.
Thank goodness I dressed up those little kids and sent them begging for candy last week.

8. Kidnapped by aliens.

9. I just didn't.
I am out of excuses. I was unprepared. To those of you (all one or two of you) who waited on tenterhooks to read my Tuesday thoughts, my utmost apologies. To the rest of you...well, I'm just sorry in general, that should about cover it.

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Faith said...

Cat, don't feel badly ... I managed to do zero blogging at all last week ... and I only have one excuse: I forgot. I'm not even going to try to come up with more - I don't think anyone is going to believe that my cat ate my post. LOL! Hugs!