Thursday, November 01, 2007


Pumpkins on our porch. One of the great things about a larger family is that we can line the walk with our carved pumpkins.

"Link, he came to town. He came to save the Princess Zelda." No one over the age of eighteen had a clue about the fine young gents' costumes. Robin Hood? Elves? Peter Pan?

A huge group of preteens started cheering. "Link! Love the costumes!"

And the library lady, the one with a preteen son, knew who they were when we visited the library earlier in the day.

"I just a boy name Yevi who is not a towboy." (Levi--cowboy) This fine youngest gent was not sure whether or not he wanted to be a cowboy. The idea appealed to him, as did the lure of "tandy," but the whole costume idea......not so much. We compromised, and he carried the cowboy hat for his treat bucket.

Man. That kid needs a haircut. I put them off because he hates them so much, but it looks like it's time to bite the bullet, arm ourselves with a pocket full of Smarties and take him in.

We still trick-or-treat around the neighborhood. It seems that since the lovely ladies started trick-or-treat there have been fewer and fewer groups of trick-or-treaters, fewer and fewer houses lit up, fewer children coming to our door. But we still go, and we have a fabulous time showing off costumes and meeting the neighbors and getting candy.

Link in the leaves.

The lovely ladies are "too old" to trick-or-treat. They dressed up, but decided to stay home. I knew this day was coming, but it felt funny going without them. I wasn't quite ready for it.


Mom2Morgan.Dylan said...

I don't play video games, so I was clueless as well, lol. The costumes came out great, you and your sewing machine did a fabulous job!!! :o) ~Dawn

Cathy said...

Dawn, I was clueless too, lol. I kept having to ask Maggie and Cal for costume advice! ~C

Irie said...

Great Link costumes!!! That is so fun... and I love Yevi-not-a-towboy. I hope they all got lots of tandy!

We had some older girls coming to our door for treats - older than your two lovely ladies. Maybe they will reconsider trick or treating next year... hopefully their costumes will be more creative than the teen costumes we saw, which consisted of "girl wearing pink gloves" and "girl wearing a dress that is no longer in fashion". :)

Cathy said...

The girls did dress up. :-) Maggie was Vaati (also from Zelda), Hannah was Hannah Montana, blond wig and all.

We saw lots of teens too. I hope the girls will want to go next year. ~C