Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Antonia

My Antonia,Willa Cather.

If I could choose one book I've read this year to take to a desert island, My Antonia would be the book. I fell in book-love within pages; before I'd finished the first chapter, I knew it was forever. My Antonia is the story of Jim Burden, his recollections of his childhood friend, Antonia, and the small town on the Nebraska plains in which they were raised. The story highlights not only their enduring friendship, but the struggles, hardships, and pleasures of farming life on the plains of the American frontier. My Antonia is beautifully written, a story that rings true to the bone, with characters who feel like people you might have known in the past.


pussreboots said...

Great review! This book is on my TBR pile.

Brit said...

I read it last year and fell in love with it as well. I spent a week or so "seeing" the plains, thinking about Antonia and Jim, living in that time. It's a wonderful book.