Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Chicken Picture For My Young Friend Sean

Hattie and Ethel.

Lucy....well, Lucy is no longer with us. Her leg was injured, and it would have cost at least $50 just to walk into one of those little vet rooms with her. So she made her way into our freezer instead. (Sorry, Sean.)

My kids are fascinated, by the way. For a couple weeks, every time we ate chicken they'd ask, "Is this Lucy?" Ew. I prefer not to name my dinner, thank you very much.


living in PA said...

Sorry about Lucy. LOL about the kids asking if they were eating her though.

Sara said...

I don't understand vets for chickens, myself. Sorry about Lucy, though. My mom tells a story still about her grandmother serving my mom's favorite (named) chicken for dinner and announcing it. I guess she found it traumatic.

Julie R said...

Oh gosh, Cat. Sorry about Lucy but I am SO cracking up! Kids are so funny!!! Are Hattie and Ethel getting a new baby chick friend anytime soon? My sister had a frizzle (?) chicken and loved it! Hugs!!!!

Kate in NJ said...

Sorry to hear about Lucy, I'm still chuckling over the kids asking if they were eating her.
My P wants chickens.