Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuesday Ten: Where is it?

For those who've missed playing the Tuesday Ten lately, the real theme (thanks to Jammin' Josie) was supposed to be something else that I can't remember. I can barely remember what day it is lately, much less come up with a theme for a list of ten things, so there you have it. Instead, I think I'll try to help my board friend, Lisa.

Ten Places Lisa Might Find Her Daughter's Missing Gameboy

1. Between the seats of the car. My daughter's father just found her cell phone between his seat cushions. It's been missing for two years, and he looked between the seats twice. Hidden things like to play with our heads.

2. It's too late to look in the trash, but one of my fears is that whatever it is that I'm missing has fallen into the trash can and carried off by the trash guy. I know, that's helpful, eh?

3. The junk drawer. I'm pretty sure that lost things just know to head to the junk drawer.

4. In a boot. The chances of it falling into a boot are pretty slim, but a boot would make a dandy hiding place, wouldn't it? And I'm sure you've looked everywhere else.

5. The refrigerator. I absent-mindedly put things in the fridge all the time, like the phone or the cat.

Just kidding about the cat.

6. Behind and under. Aren't you surprised, once you finally move the bookcase or the dresser or the entertainment center, what's fallen back there? It's a treasure trove of lost things.

When I was a kid, my mom used to complain about how no one ever looked Under Things. You could hear the capital letters, Under Things, as though Under Things was a separate place.

7. Coat pockets, backpacks, purses, shopping bags. Anything that might have been used around the time the Gameboy disappeared.

8. The back yard.

9. Wait until you move. Someday, far in the future, you can call your daughter and tell her, "I finally found your Gameboy. It fell into this weird crevice in the closet wall." Her children will be delighted to see a antique toy.

10. Just stop looking. The Gameboy knows you're looking. Once you stop, it'll get bored with Hide-and-Seek and show up.

See, now that's helpful, isn't it?

Good luck, I hope you find it!


Brit said...

I loved this post!! It's like you have been to my house and witnessed our frantic searches and the odd places things turn up. I too put things in the fridge, my car keys being the latest thing. I think it's the heat, it's making me crazy.

Brenda said...

I had to laugh because I recently found a lost item. Patty lost a Starbucks gift two years ago and we tore my car apart looking for it. Brought out screwdrivers and everything. We decided she had left it on the counter when we got coffee. At the time, she said she was a dork for losing it. I recently detailed cleaned the inside of my car and found that darn card. It was still good (with money) so I treated myself to a latte! Of course, I called my sister and told her she wasn't a dork after all, since the car ate the card!