Sunday, July 15, 2007

Walter Was Worried

Walter Was Worried, Laura Vaccaro Seeger.
Part story, part alphabet search, Walter Was Worried is fun to read over and over and over. Look at poor Walter on the book cover. Doesn't he look worried? Now look more closely...can you find the word "worried" in Walter's face? The letter "D" doubles as a mouth, each eyebrow is a tiny "r." If you scroll down the blog a bit, there's a picture of six-year-old gent reading the page that says "Henry was hopeful." (Or follow this link, here.) Not only have I read this book almost every night at story time, the fine young gents take Walter Was Worried off the shelf during quiet time, and they've even enjoyed looking at it while curled up together in the big chair. What a delight to hear, "Ahaha! I found it! I found the 'H'!" One of the most clever and fun books we've read together this summer.

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nina said...

Oh, I must get this. It's ironic but I just read a book by Seeger to Citcat today that I plan to add to my weekly favorite's list.

Dog and Bear. It is really cute and very fun to read aloud. Adding Walter is Worried to my very long list.