Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pond Dipping

We went pond dipping again today. The weather was glorious, hot and bright, perfect for splashing in the cool water.We caught more water bugs and minnows, and a couple pond snails. Our pond guide arrived in the mail yesterday, part of a pond activity kit (more on this in a future post), so we were able to identify some of the pond creatures we caught and learn some useful information. For example, we learned that both water boatmen and backswimmers bite. Knowing that is pretty useful, don't you think?

A fine young gent found some clear slime clinging to a weed, eggs of some kind. He says frogs, I say snails. We'll see in a week or so, as we brought the eggs home in a jar to hatch. Tomorrow we'll make a short excursion back to the pond for more pond water so that we can create a pond-in-a-jar for our soon-to-be hatchlings, whatever they may be.

I forgot the camera, but remembered the paints. Our lovely artistic lady has returned from her summer visit to relatives, and she inspired her brothers to pick up their paintbrushes too. Six-year-old gent sat with his sis and painted his vision of the pond right along with her. Not a bad effort for a gent who, until recently, didn't care to color, draw or paint much at all. As a matter of fact, he even chose painting as his favorite part of today's outing. Then he changed his mind and said it was catching bugs and throwing rocks, but hey, he's a six-year-old boy. That painting even made it onto the list is pretty darn good.

Items to remember on our next pond trip: A trash bag for picking up the trash around the pond (Litterbugs. Ugh!) and a container for blackberries. I got a handful of ripe berries today; by our next visit we'll be able to pick enough for a cobbler.

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Brit said...

Those paintings are wonderful!! Thank you for sharing them. And litterbugs bother me so much, the kids and I always wish we had brought a trash bag as well.