Sunday, July 29, 2007

In memory

Some glad morning when this life is o'er,
I'll fly away.
To a home on God's celestial shore,
I'll fly away.
I'll fly away, O Glory, I'll fly away.

We lost someone dear to us recently, my dad's wife. It wasn't unexpected. She's been ill for a long time, and our sadness at losing her is balanced by our knowledge that she is at peace, no longer in pain, in glory with God. Our six-year-old reminded me of that. "Mom," he said, "I miss Grandma. But I'm happy that she's in heaven with God and she's not sick any more." Sweet words from a sweet boy, and he certainly comforted my heart.

When we first met, I had a hard time believing she was for real. No one is that nice, I'd think to myself. But....she just was. She was one of those rare people who always has a cheerful word to say, is gracious to others, greets life with a smile. What an honor to know someone who, simply through kindness, honesty and being true to herself, blessed those around her. From her example, I learned that one can lead a life of kindness and service to others without being subservient. Grace and courtesy are important. In this let-it-all-hang-out world, we forget sometimes, the value of thoughtfulness and understanding. Life your life with a smile. Complaints are a waste of time. Life is good.

I had a dream the night before her service. A little girl was dancing outside in the grass, wearing a white dress, and I knew it was her. She was lovely, innocent, joyful. It started to snow, but she wasn't cold. She danced and skipped as fat white snowflakes swirled from the sky. Sometimes she'd look in through the glass and smile and wave, but if we went out to play with her she was gone.

I was left with such a sense of peace when I woke. The dream was a reminder to me that not only are we bathed in glory when we move on from this life to the next, but we are also given the priceless gift of peace. Peace and a rest from our sorrows, our pains and suffering, our struggles with our imperfect natures. This life is good. And so is the next.

She'll be sorely missed, and she has become who God has always intended her to be-- lovely, innocent, joyful, full of His peace.

Hallelujah, bye and bye. I'll fly away.
from "I'll Fly Away" (Traditional)


Julie R said...

Cat-once again, your eloquence with words leaves me speechless. What a wonderful tribute...continued prayers.

karisma said...

Beautiful Post.........And she flies free like a bird.

Irie said...

what a beautiful tribute to a wonderful woman. thank you.

Brit said...

I can tell by your kind words about her that she will be dearly missed, I am very sorry for your loss.

Lisa said...

Cat, that was so touching... I am sorry for the loss that you and your family have suffered but happy for you that you had such a special person in your lives.

Kate in NJ said...

What a lovely post. I am sorry for your loss.

Mom2Morgan.Dylan said...

Cat, What a beautiful tribute to such a wonderful woman. God bless. ~Dawn