Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday Ten: I like to eat eight apples and bananas...

Ten Things You'll Find in My Grocery Cart

1. Apples and bananas. By now my kids know this by heart: "If you want a snack, you can help yourself to an apple, a banana, or a piece of string cheese." When they're snack mooching to see if the can get something tastier than the old standby they come ask me for a snack. I figure, if you're not hungry enough to eat something you're bored with then you shouldn't eat. I taught them this song: "I like to eat--I like to eat eight apples and bananas. I like to eat--I like to eat eight apples and bananas." Then we shout "A!" And sing "Ay Lake Tay Ate, Ay Lake Tay Ate Eight Aypples and Baynaynays...." And so forth through the five vowels. (Lyrics here.) This song is a guaranteed giggle for the fine young gents.

2. Bagels for breakfast. I serve bagels and eggs on those mornings I've got to get out the door quickly. Loving husband used to make the most fantastic bagels ever, far better than any bagel I've ever purchased. I'd sure love to have some of those bagels again. (Hint, hint.)

I can't be the only one with a secret chocolate stash.

4. Tortillas. They're great for wraps when we're tired of sandwiches for lunch, and quesadillas are a perfect quick dinner--melted cheddar for the young gents and sauteed veggies and leftover chicken with cheddar and a little pepper jack for the adults.

5. Salad Mix. Loving husband and I committed to having at least one green thing on the table at every evening. Salad is fast and easy. Usually we have salad on quesadilla night, and almost every other night too.

6. Yogurt. I like to make smoothies for breakfast, or serve granola and yogurt for breakfast or an afternoon snack, or serve yogurt for lunch.

7. Milk. We go through gallons of milk each week, and it's considerable less than it used to be because now that I'm neither pregnant nor nursing I no longer crave milk constantly. We make a separate milk run because the milk from Dari-Mart is fresher than that from the regular grocery store.

8. Chips and Salsa. The kids are on a salsa kick.

9. Random fruits and veggies. Whatever looks good. Asparagus when it's fresh, cantaloupe, watermelon, zucchini, berries when they don't cost an arm and a leg. Loving husband likes to visit the Tuesday Farmer's Market when it's in session and come home with surprises.

10. Bread. Bread for sandwiches, crusty bread for dinner. Five kids go through a lot of sandwiches.

Thanks for the fun list idea, Lisa!

Next Week: Ten Things I Would Never EVER Own

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Mom2Morgan.Dylan said...

I started buying dark chocolate, thinking the kids wouldn't eat it. Sadly, they now LOVE dark chocolate. ;o) ~Dawn