Thursday, May 10, 2007

Piano Recital

A little dark, even after playing with Photoshop, but fine young gent doesn't mind about the pictures. He just loves to play piano. He had a recital two weeks ago, a piano audition today, and has his spring recital in two weeks. I am always amazed at his confidence. He gets up and plays as confidently as though he were playing on the basement piano in our playroom. Then he bows with a sweet sweet smile. He's absolutely charming up there on that stage.

At this recital he played at a nursing home, and wowed all of the "grandmas." The woman sitting in front of us wanted to hug him and pat him, the ladies just wanted to touch his head and hold his hands. He smiled and chatted and listened to their compliments. My sweet heart gent. He gave hugs and high fives, and blew kisses to the grandmas. They glowed at him. Again, I was wowed by my gent's confidence and open heart. He told me later that he felt a little shy but he liked talking to the grandmas. He knew the ladies loved him and he let them, and he told me he'd like to go back and talk to the grandmas again.

Our widowed neighbor, a lovely woman, told me once, "I spend most of my time with old people now. I hunger for little voices. " I send the ladies and gents over to visit every so often, and they love her. It makes me feel a little sad, knowing that in this wonderful life ahead of me there may come a time when I won't be surrounded by little voices every day. Reminds me to be just a touch more patient with those little voices and their "Mom-mom-mom"-ing.


living in PA said...

Too sweet and you are right about the little voices. I need to remind myself of that more often. He is so precious and I love the picture of him at the piano.

Elizabeth said...

That's a great picture. He looks like a pro sitting there. And your story about the lady and the little voices made me a little sad to think I may be there one day too.