Sunday, April 22, 2007

He's stuck with me....

Loving husband made chocolate souffle tonight. No reason, he just felt like making something. Reminds me of when I decided I was going to marry this guy: He made a chocolate torte just because. Who does that?

If I were a better wife I'd be in there washing the dishes for him. Only I just now realized that he's in there clanking around....yep, just leaned around the corner and he's nearly done. This is exactly the right moment to lean around the corner again and say, "Oh, I was going to do that for you."

So I did. I also mentioned that even though I suck, he's stuck with me. Then I ducked.

Anyway, he owes me forever. Why, you ask? Let's just say that I should have measured his gigantic head before I agreed to have his children.

(Picture and a great chocolate souffle recipe here, at Cooking for Engineers.)


Mom2Morgan.Dylan said...

Seriously? He can cook a souffle? I think you owe him something!!! :o) Enjoy the chocolate! ~Dawn

Julie R said...

Wow...that looks just absolutely heavenly! yum yum yum!!!! LOL on the heads.