Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wild Days

Wild Days: Creating Discovery Journals, by Karen Skidmore Rackliffe was the initial inspiration for our nature days. Wild Days centers around creating individual discovery journals, but it's really about using nature journals as a springboard for learning, and for personal discovery through nature.

"Discovery journals are enjoyable because they engage the senses and the intellect. Everyone is on equal ground when you say 'Discover something new today.' There is no competition to do better than your brother. There is only a feeling of doing the best you can for today. It is very personal. It is a great way to track your progress in writing, in sketching, and personal growth. It is a priceless record of memories that will not be lost or crowded out." (p. 18)

The book is part practical how-to, including suggestions on starting your own journals and for using discovery journals as a path to learning about art, science and mathematics, history and more; part chronicle of the author's own discovery days with her own family; and part philosophy on learning and life. It's lovely to read, with beautiful pages from the discovery journals of the author's own family, and a perfect book to inspire outings into the budding spring.


Sandy D. said...

Nature days, what a great idea. Thanks, I will definitely check this book out.

Carrie said...

Oh FABULOUS! I really appreciate this recommendation and am going to look for it and save it for use with my kiddoes. This sounds like a fun way to learn!