Friday, March 16, 2007

Girls Night Out

First Stop: Build-a-Bear

Apparently, fourteen isn't too old for a Build-a-Bear. Heck, I'll admit my silly little secret...I'm kind of hoping I can go on my next birthday. So off we went to the mall, lovely ladies and I, for a girls night out. Lovely lady chose a dog to stuff and dress, with a bandanna, sunglasses, and purple wings to match. She named him Mystic. We were in and out quickly because she had a pretty good idea what she wanted.

Lovely younger lady had $100 saved, birthday and Christmas money from her dad and uncle, plus some allowance. She was going to buy one outfit for the poodle she'd gotten for Christmas. She ended up with three outfits. I'm surprised I didn't bite my tongue right off trying not to blurt out....

"Are you sure you need more clothes for a doll?"

"Wouldn't you rather save your money for something more worthwhile?"

"Why don't you....."

Deep breath....deep breath.

Repeat to myself "It's her money. It's her money. She saved it. It's her money, so shut up."

Yeah. No control issues here.

Second Stop: Limited Too

Oh boy. My fashion-crazy girl has had her heart set on a dress from Limited Too since her birthday when I wouldn't let her buy a dress with her birthday gift certificate. Yeah, I know, it's her money. But I'm not about to let my eleven year-old dress like a...well, you know. I'm not ultra-conservative either, but I really don't think little girls need to dress like they're twenty-five. Twenty-five-year-old...well, you know.

She tried on eight dresses.

The yellow dress-- Me: Yes. Her: No.
The black dress-- Her: Ooooooooooooo!!! Me: Not in a million years not even when you're twenty-five. ("Ah! Not even when I'm twenty-five?" she just blurted out, reading over my shoulder.)
The pink dress-- Me: Adorable. Her: Blah. Me: Darn.
The other pink dress-- Her: I love it. Me: I love it too. Both of us, looking at the price tag: Eeek! Maybe not.
The brown dress-- Her: I love it! Me: Weellllllll. Ok. Maybe we should try a different size. Hmmm. Stretch out your arms. Oh. Um, no. Nope. I can see all the way down the front.
The other brown dress-- Both of us: Eh.
The brown-and-white dress-- Both of us: Cute. Very cute.
The white dress--Both of us: Love it.

The whole thing, negotiations over what fits and what's cute and such, took 45 minutes. Gah! She finally settled on the white dress. Keep in mind, now, as we head to the cash register, she has talked of buying a dress from Limited Too since July. July. I've had to hear "dress from Limited Too" for (counting on fingers) nine months, give or take a bit. Also keep in mind that we just spent 45 minutes finding the right dress.

We head to the register. She spots an iDog on the way. Doesn't have enough money left for the iDog and the dress. "Never mind, Mom. I'd rather get the iDog instead. I can just wear one of the dresses I already have."

Biting tongue. Biting tongue.
Will...not....mention...I...already...suggested...her...other... dresses...are...fine.

Biting. My. Tongue.

Fourteen-year-old lovely lady has quietly occupied herself this whole time with her new pet. Mystic is adorable in his wings. Somehow a husky with purple wings and sunglasses works. Instead of looking weird he looks cool and kind of mystical.

Third Stop: Borders

Now this is my kind of girls night out. Cookies and coffee, or hot chocolate, all around. Browsing for books. Music, a young woman singing about appreciating what we've got and feeling lucky to be where we are in our lives. Both girls had gift certificates to spend. Lovely birthday lady bought a book on Siberian huskies. Lovely younger sister bought an American Girl book. I bought a book I've had my eye on for a while, The Invention of Hugo Cabret (Brian Selznick) and the book about seeds I mentioned in my last garden post, How a Seed Grows (Helen Jordan and Loretta Krupinski). It was a quiet relaxing end to our evening.

Until we got in the car and lovely lady the younger took off her rubber boots. The polka-dot rubber boots she's been wearing all winter. Without socks.


"My feet stink," she said. "I can smell them clear up to my nose."

"I can smell them clear up here," her sister said.

"Put your boots back on," I gasped.

Thank goodness the ride home was short because we had to roll down the windows.

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