Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday Ten: What to do?

Ten Possible Future Occupations for My Children

1. Space explorer cowboy scientist. Fine young gent, 6, is convinced that not only will he be a space-exploring scientist some day, he'll be able to wear cowboy boots and a ten-gallon hat while he's doing it. Now if only he can convince NASA to let him carry a sword and shield....

2. Artist. Lovely lady, 13, wants to be an artist. I expect that she will be. She's very talented. She sketches, cartoons, paints, works in pastels and charcoal, sculpts.

3. Writer. She's an author too. She's in the process of writing her third novel.

4. Storyteller. Lovely lady, 11, loves to act out stories. She's got a wonderful rote memory and she's very dramatic, gestures and all. She enjoys repetition and loves young children.

5. If the storytelling thing doesn't work out, she can always fall back on Drama Queen. Oh, wait. This list is supposed to be about future occupations. Lovely young lady certainly occupies plenty of her time as the reigning drama queen right now. I should just go out and get her a crown. Ah well, perhaps she'll retain or regain her crown in her future if she finds someone who actually takes her seriously and agrees that yes indeed, her life is the worst life ever, that everything is ruined, and that it's all Mom's fault. Surely there's somebody out there in need of a little drama to spice up life. My complete lack of sympathy is ruining her life!

(Hush, Mom, I can hear you laughing right now. It is not funny....I was not like that. Hmph. You're ruining my life.)

6. Motorcycle police officer or firefighter. Or motorcycle firefighter. Or a firefighter who arrests bad guys. Or a police officer who fights fires. Oh, the possibilities.

7. Can you get a job playing with Legos?

8. Superhero. I keep trying to tell them that folding several loads of laundry and mopping the kitchen and washing all the windows in under half an hour is too a superpower, but they're on to me. They're all going for the glamor, in training already-- swooping around the house in their capes chasing bad guys out of the bathroom and cleaning out the bad-guy lair behind the couch. Oh well, at least the house is pretty clear of bad guys.

9. Fine young gent, 2, replied "Tom and Jerry" and "Two" when asked his future occupational aspirations.

10. Awwww. Ok, I forgive my lovely little drama queen because she says she wants to be a mom just like me. She even gave me a little hug to go along with it. I would've forgiven her anyway, but darn, isn't that sweet?

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