Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tuesday Ten: To-Do List

Ten Things I'd Like to Accomplish Before I Die
1. A clean basement. I don't really want to clean the basement. But I'd like to have a nice organized basement. Pretty sure that won't happen unless I clean it.

2. Quilts. My grandmother made gorgeous quilts for all of my kids when they were born. I'd like to be able to make quilts for all of my grandbabies.

3. Rock my grandbabies. I'll cuddle them and rock them and sing to them. I'll let them eat as much candy as they want and stay up past their bedtimes. I won't care if their clothes don't match, if their faces are dirty, if they jump on the couch. I'll let them watch tv on Sundays and eat ice cream for lunch.

4. Mmmmmmm.....I'd like to learn to make a really fantastic margarita.

5. Hike across India with nothing but a change of underwear and a spoon. Well....this one used to be on my list. I would like to visit India, though. But I might bring more than one pair of undies. And a credit card.

6. Move. I love my house with the big backyard and the basement and the white picket fence. I love my neighbors. They're swell folks. But I don't want to be able to look out of my window into theirs. I want room for a really big garden and a dog and a whole flock of chickens.

7. Livin' my life. Life is good. If I accomplish nothing else on this list, I want to be able to look back at my life and say that I loved the people around me, I looked for beauty, I learned new things, I let the sunshine warm my days instead of complaining about the itchy grass.

8. Re-do my blog. No really, I will make time. Someday. Don't hold your breath. But eventually I'll get to it. Hopefully I've got a good 40+ years left, so I've got time, right?

9. Read. Read all of the books on the "Books I'd like to read before I die" list. I don't have time to actually write my own list because I'm too busy reading. But here's a list. Or this one. Or this one. Don't look at the lists, though, unless you want your own list to get longer. Mine just did.

10. Visit Mars. Or the moon. My fine young gents assure me that they will be able to live on Mars by the time they're grown. Maybe I'll be rocking those grandbabies on Mars, or in a space colony on an asteroid.

Galaxies Away

From the Astronomy Picture of the Day archive

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