Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday Ten: I Wonder

Why? What? How? Ten Things I Wonder:

1. So, here I am going through my day appreciating the blue sky and this suddenly pops into my head: Does everyone see the same colors? I mean, I know that mostly we can agree that the sky is blue, trees are green and stop signs are red and so forth. But if I were to be able to pop into your head, would your red look the same as my red? And if I were to pop into your head, would I be able to tell the difference between your red and my red anyway, since your brain would code that color as "red" so that's what I'd perceive? And if I were to pop into your head suddenly, would I really care about the color red, or would I be screaming "Get me back to my own head!!!" or would I think, "Hey, this is cooooool. I'd better figure out how this thing works." Or would I just turn into you? Maybe we're head-hopping all the time and don't know it.....I wonder how that would work? Maybe....

I have a headache.

2. Am I the only one who thinks of random stuff like this while driving or folding laundry? Seriously, help me out here. Let me know if you wonder as you wander too. I can't be the only weirdo with odd thoughts bumping around in the ol' brain.

3. Where is my other red sock? I put two red socks into the washer. Only one came out. Did the pants get hungry? A sock thief with only one leg? The shoes hated that sock so they ganged up and took him out while I wasn't looking? Sock divorce-- irreconcilable differences? Think it will turn up if I only pretend to get rid of the other sock, or will it catch on to my wily ruse and stay in hiding until its partner is gone for real.

4. Why wasn't (weren't?) Brangelina at the Oscars? Oh wait. I don't care. I do wonder, though, who came up with that stupid nickname. No, I really don't even care about that. Why is this pressing news? Who cares?

5. What are my sisters and my friend Dawn writing for their Tuesday Ten? Will mine be really really bad in comparison? Are they waiting to steal my ideas? Hmmm...can I sneak over and steal some of their ideas?

3....why some people wait until the last minute to do anything? It isn't like you don't KNOW it needs to be done or anything. No, you have to wait until the deadline is looming and there is stress and pressure. Uh, speaking in general terms here, of course. Not pointing fingers at anyone in particular.

(Hey....wait a minute. Is she talking about me sitting here doing my Tuesday Ten when it's nearly Wednesday? Wait, maybe she's talking about Irie sis Megan since hers isn't up either. I wonder if I'll beat her. Maybe she's finishing hers right now.)

6. I do wonder if winter will ever be over, so I really will steal that one from Dawn. February is the longest month ever. Grey (with an "e" because it looks drearier doesn't it? Gray with an "a" is a soft word, like a fluffy gray kitten). Dreary, chilly. Blah. Bleh. I'm in a funk. I wonder if I will make it through until the sunny weeks we usually get in March.

7. Do chickens dream?

8. Why can't Cristy spell "refrigerator"? Doesn't she know that it's the easiest word to spell? Doesn't she know that we measure her worth as a human being by her grammar and spelling? Doesn't she know that we just enjoy reading her blog and seeing her beautiful pictures of her farm and family and her lovely close-ups and we really don't give a rat's patootie if she can't spell worth a darn? Doesn't she know that she took the steam out of my ship, the wind out of my sails, the toot out of my horn by making fun of herself before I got a chance to do it? Darn.

9. Why hasn't my poor sister just upped and smacked me yet? I tease her mercilessly and she's still nice to me. Go figure.

10. Why, every Tuesday, I can think of either nine things or eleven. I mean, I do wonder lots and lots of weird random things, believe me. But when it comes time to actually write them down? Poof! Gone. Ten just doesn't seem to come easily. So either I act like I can't count and/or the rules don't really apply to me ("Only ten things, p'shaw! Genius can't be held to such restrictions!"), or I sit here in front of my keyboard staring at the monitor waiiiiiting for inspiration to strike. Why can't I just do the sensible thing when I get stuck on the last one-- Publish the post and go read a book.

Which is what I'm going to do right now. Happy Tuesday!

Cristy wonders lots of stuff too, like about the spelling of the word "refrigerator." C, it's r-e-f-r-i-g-e-r-a-t-o-r. Let her know if you like her close-ups.

My dear cyber-friend Dawn at Follow Me is joining us this week. What Dawn is wondering.

Irie finally got her Ten posted. Sheesh. Yes, sis, we're laughing at you. Nothing new there. It's not like we really even need a reason, but it was nice of you to give us one. Smooches.


Mom2Morgan.Dylan said...

WHY wasn't Brangelina at the Oscars? And what would they have worn? It just didn't seem the same without them!!! ;o) ~Dawn
p.s. I'll e-mail you when winter is over.

Lesley said...

Random thoughts are the curse of the female mind...or the blessing.. I don't know. I do sometimes wish my brain had an off switch.

Cristy said...

Your other red sock is at my house and you can't have it back until you take back that I can't spell.

Anonymous said...

I can't spell refridgerator either! : ) I don't know why I always want to add the d to it, just do. D for dessert, donut or is it doughnut, dill pickles, dairy products, dressing, delicious. Wondering why you are wandering? Isn't that a Christmas song? I wonder as I wander out under the sky . . . Sorry C's, but its sunny and warm in LA. Will try to push some of it up your way!