Friday, September 01, 2006

I Spy

I spy BUS and three kids in bed,
A pink-roofed house, and cars that are red.

Shhh....don't tell the kids that today was a school day. We built another I Spy, cooperative learning at its finest. Granted, one-and-a-half year old fine young gent was briefly banished because he kept sitting on the mat and knocking over the blocks, but he rejoined us once the pictures were taken. Now all three fine young gents are happily demolishing and reconstructing the scene.

Here's what we've learned: Working in a team with people of different abilities and interests, physics and construction (you can't see the marble maze or the triumphal arch of blocks in this picture), math and logic: sorting and categorizing, and let's throw in reading and writing too even though we haven't gotten to writing our rhymes yet.

We're going to have a fun year together.

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