Saturday, September 09, 2006

Fishing with Grandpa

It's beautiful up here. Fishing with Grandpa is the highlight of the summer for the lovely ladies and fine young gents. They talk about fishing with Grandpa all throughout the year and when summer arrives they can barely contain themselves for the anticipation. Grandpa is the most patient fishing teacher and helper around. I suspect it's really Grandpa that's the highlight of the summer and catching fish pushes the outing to the top.

Anthony Lake is a highlight of my summer. Stunning. While my kind husband took the gents for a walk I listened to the water and the ospreys and not much else. The quiet is beautiful. The ospreys were diving for fish. (Scroll down and check out the feet, wow! You can also hear a recording of their cry.)

The drive up to the lake is beautiful. Baker County is beautiful country. We spend a few hours fishing, enjoying the air and the company, then we head back down the mountain. Simple, quiet. Not the activity and noise and thrill of, say, the county fair or a birthday party. We're creating memories, the kind that renew and refresh us because they remind us of times we spent with people who make us feel treasured and respected. Memories of peaceful time filled with quiet conversation that doesn't go much of anywhere because it doesn't need to go anywhere. It's really about spending time with Grandpa, creating and sharing a mutual love of peace and beauty and the outdoors.

And here we all thought we were just catching fish and trying to keep the baby from falling in the lake.

And after we get home? Mmmmm....Fresh fish for dinner.


Irie said...

dreamy.. i wish i could have been there!

Cathy said...

Me too. :-)